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Piss off your plastic surgeon

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Don't piss off your plastic surgeon. Uploaded 07/03/ Yikes!

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Thread starter Iceman; Start date Feb 19, · I · Iceman. Senior Member.

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Feb 19, · #1. Joined: Nov 9, Don't Piss Off Your Plastic Surgeon - 18+ Funny Pictures and Cartoons from The Poddys Laugh Line. (Numbers in brackets refer to the number of jokes in that category).

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Aw shit American crap · Fuck you Don't piss off your plastic surgeon. Birthday coming up?.

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Piss off your plastic surgeon - I don't want to see this or anything like it again.

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Vacation time! While Orac Piss off your plastic surgeon off in London recharging his circuits and contemplating the linguistic tricks of limericks and jokes or the glory of black holes, he's rerunning some old stuff from his original Blogspot blog. This particular post first appeared on June 3, I was browsing one of my favorite science blogs, Pharyngulaenjoying PZ's evisceration of a clueless creationist foolish enough to resurrect once again that long-debunked hoary old creationist Piss off your plastic surgeon that evolution is somehow not consistent with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, when I saw this in the comments section:.

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I'm sure that my fellow surgeon-bloggers Dr. Bard Parker and Aggravated DocSurg will back me up on this if they see this post, but there are few things you can say that will royally piss off a Piss off your plastic surgeon faster than a statement like this, which, whether the commenter realizes it or not, relegates surgeons to the realm of not being doctors, but rather to the realm of skilled tradesmen.

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Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against plumbers or carpenters, both of which represent skilled trades that I can't do.

Piss off your plastic surgeon

I Piss off your plastic surgeon don't have anything against engineers a slightly more apt analogy, given that engineering is applied science either--and indeed one commenter was not happy with engineers being lumped into the group. However, there is so much more to being a surgeon other than doing procedures "by rote" that I had to point out to this person that he clearly had no clue what it took to become a surgeon or what surgeons do.

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It is true that some of what we do is purely technical. When an oncologist asks me to put a Port-a-Cath and here in a patient, I don't need to engage in any heavy thinking or differential diagnoses.

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I just have to make sure there are no contraindications and schedule the surgery. In addition, although it is true that most surgeons are not scientists, it is also most definitely true that they do need a strong understanding of the relevant science and an understanding of the scientific method in order Piss off your plastic surgeon evaluate the medical literature and distinguish good studies from the not-so-good.

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Yes, a lot of what we do is procedure-oriented, but to understand how to do those procedures and, more importantly, whom to do them on and whom not to do them on requires a pretty strong understanding of physiology.

We have scrub techs and surgical assistants who can "carry out procedures by rote.

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That is the role of a surgeon. We have a saying in surgery: I would also add that you can't teach a monkey how to take care of the patient before and after the operation.

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People don't seem to realize that surprisingly little of most surgeons' time is spent actually in the operating room doing Piss off your plastic surgeon, usually no more than two days a week. One of the biggest surprises awaiting residents when they become attendings is how much less they get to operate; when they are residents they operate almost every day.

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Only exceedingly busy surgeons spend more time than that in the operating room. Indeed, we have another saying, at least about general surgeons, that "a surgeon is an internist who can operate. Those of us who deal with critically ill patients as I routinely did click around 6 years ago need a very strong understanding of physiology and critical Piss off your plastic surgeon medicine far beyond what most internists ever achieve without undertaking a critical care fellowship.

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Perhaps you might think I over-reacted. I rather suspect that the person making the comment had no idea how annoying it would be although perhaps he should have guessed, as he managed to irritate an engineer as well.

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However, his further comments tended to make me think that perhaps I didn't over-react as much as I thought I did. His dismissive "not a scientist" attitude towards surgeons in particular he pointedly didn't mention internists or other doctors in his "not a Piss off your plastic surgeon category, just "technicians" and "medical professionals" revealed an attitude that is all too prevalent, however, and that was what rankled.

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On the other hand, he seemed to use the term "technician" as a catch-all insult for any profesionally, scientist or medical who possessed pseudoscientific beliefs.

In the way of context, Piss off your plastic surgeon will point out that the comment happened to have come up in the context of a discussion about evolution, and it's probably true that most physicians don't have as strong an understanding of evolution as they should.

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Indeed, many of them embrace intelligent design and hereand fewer than I would like to admit recognize ID as the pseudoscience that it is. The implications of this and why evolution is important for a good understanding of medicine these days Piss off your plastic surgeon probably be fodder for another here sometime next week, but those are the numbers.

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I couldn't resist pointing out, though, that there were quite a few Ph. Even a Ph. Of course, the problem is, those with a Ph.

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But I make no apologies for being annoyed. Perhaps I have a thin skin, given the dismissive "just an M.

Piss off your plastic surgeon

Being a surgeon, I Piss off your plastic surgeon to experience the dismissive "just a technician" translation: Maybe keeping the underdog attitude is good for me. If I'm lucky, it might keep me from developing a swelled head.

Ok, let me see if I can piss you off again.

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I am of the opinion that most surgeons, most engineers and other non-research doctors are not scientist. The defining function of the scientist is to systematically add to our common knowledge about the world through the use of scientific methods.

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There is a difference between knowing science and doing science. People who know science are in science based profesion, people who do science are scientist.

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That is not to say that engineers or doctors cant be scientist, but that depends on whether they do science or not. Maybe some of us surgeons aren't scientists, but Dr Joseph Murray was both prior to retiring. Thanks, Thomas, for the correction to the initial comment.

Piss off your plastic surgeon

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I was about to explode againpointing out that Orac more-or-less squarely hit the target, and with the change of some details, his post could be re-written re-read? Well, it could also be argued that a lot of what Piss off your plastic surgeon do isn't exactly science, but instead a lot of technical procedures.

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I mean, sure, we're scientists when we're analyzing gathered data and planning experiments, but when we're Piss off your plastic surgeon doing DNA isolations to genotype a mouse so we can decide whether or not to breed it into the colony, then we're just technicians, as least until we have to analyze the gel bands. In fact, there's currently a push in my lab to compile a big book of SOPs so that we can have a reference.

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For example, for decades many of us nurses have been dismissed as "doctors' handmaidens", "pooper-scoopers", and sometimes the whipping posts for grouchy doctors in general especially mercurial surgeons, heh heh. For proof simply view the development of the nursing profession: The scientific progress of our profession is amazing if Piss off your plastic surgeon really think about it. Therefore, I think that if somebody calls any medical professional a "technician" versus a "scientist" Well then, in that case, I think one must simply shrug their shoulders and and go onignoring those silly fools who have Piss off your plastic surgeon clue about what they're speaking I don't think you're over-reacting at all.

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I react the same way whenever a nurse who doesn't have a clue what goes on in the O. Medical Technologists are also under-appreciated. Most people only see the phlebotomists and have no idea how the test results are produced.

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The worst insult was when the owner of a lab that I worked at asked if I could train the janitor to do some of the work when we were short staffed. And he was an MD!

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The education is similar to a pre-med plus a clinical internship. We work as clinical microbiologists, hematologists, chemists, blood bankers and more.

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Continuing education is a must to keep up with new technology and tests. While Med Techs are not research Piss off your plastic surgeon, a good understanding of science is needed to ensure quality results for the patients and physicians. Pre-analytic, analytic and post analytic issues need to be addressed for each sample.

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You have to know the principles of the tests and how to interpret them. It can also be a high pressure job Piss off your plastic surgeon the floors are screaming for results and your assay is not working or there are complications, poor specimens, or interfering substances.

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Or when a surgeon orders a crossmatch in the middle of surgery, there is an unidentified antibody, you can't find compatible blood, and they are calling every 5 minutes to see if the blood is ready yet Piss off your plastic surgeon the patient is bleeding out. There is a technician aspect to the job, when things go well, but you have to know what to do when things aren't working right.

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Oh and we make less than nurses and have nearly zero recognition. Kassiane, Just with some individual surgeons more than others. If you find yourself in that situation run, do not walk to a different surgeon.

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NOW I know to run. Fractures are fast like that No more 20 mile hikes.

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Wow, let me oil up my World's Smallest Violin for the surgeon. It was the worst when I was working as a student doing research in a hospital. So, I think the meat mechanics of the world need to develop a hide and get over the idea that Piss off your plastic surgeon are not scientists: You want to know how to make a surgeon angry?

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Piss off your plastic surgeon By oracknows on September 1, I was browsing one of my favorite science blogs, Pharyngulaenjoying PZ's evisceration of a clueless creationist foolish enough to resurrect once again that long-debunked hoary old creationist canard that evolution is somehow not consistent with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, when I saw this in the comments section: Surgeons and other medical staff are the equivalent of technicians, engineers, plumbers or carpenters.

They are not scientists.

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They are not studying the details of the relevant science. They don't have to understand it - just carry out procedures by rote. Though the ones who do have a clue will be a lot better at adapting to new circumstances because they'll make more correct guesses based on their understanding than the clueless ones will.

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First off, I waited too long to answer it, which means that…. Don't Piss Off Your Plastic Surgeon hahahahahahahahahahahhaa thread about plastic surgeons by Yorick.

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the bloke on VD who needs one the. Never Piss off your Plastic Surgeon.

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The economist.

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I just tried to post it for you, it wouldn't work for me either, I could do it another way but don't feel like taking the time to do it for you, after you. Don't piss off your plastic surgeon.

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Discussion in 'Fun Stuff' started by J, Nov 3, Users Viewing Thread (Users: 0, Guests: 0). J Mummy To A Baby Boy. Browse Don't piss off your plastic surgeon!

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Age Verification
The content accessible from this site contains pornography and is intended for adults only.
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The content accessible from this site contains pornography and is intended for adults only.
Age Verification
The content accessible from this site contains pornography and is intended for adults only.
Age Verification
The content accessible from this site contains pornography and is intended for adults only.